The „active“ alternative to Google Ads:

Don’t wait for potential customers to click you!

Germany’s biggest portal-owner Otto retail media offers you a data-pool of 20 Mio. customers in Germany and a very attractive way to advertise online. Use Germany’s major online-shopping-portals like, ABOUT YOU, Heine, MyToys and others to advertise for 0,004 EUR/ad impression.

Explaining advertising at Otto-retail-media easily: 20 million customers of Otto Retail Media's shopping-channels surf on various websites. Otto Retail Media" is Germany’s biggest owner of data because of the ownership of brandnames like Ottoversand, ABOUT YOU, Quelle, Heine, MyToys, Manufactum and some others. Your advantage: an enormous knowledge on data offer you fantastic opportunities in targeting their customer potential. 


Age, Sex, Place of living, shopping-behavior, hobbies, lifestyle: choose your target group. You can use this potential to purchase ad impressions on websites those customers of Otto Retail Media use when surfing on the web.


You define, how often within your campaign a single person should be targeted. The repeated ad impression increases the advertising impact. You can also define different goals of your campaign and we will adjust the campaign according to your request.

​Your campaign works on PC, tablet and mobile devices and different banner-formats like medium rectangle and halfpage ads will be used. Have a look below and also see the two green ads on the right side of this page:

2 examples:

EUR 2.000,-- approx. 370.000 Ad Impressions 

EUR 3.000,-- approx. 580.000 Ad Impressions

We consult you and arrange everything from A to Z for you.

our services:

all-inclusive-service for fulfillment:

- media knowhow for the german market

- consulting for your perfect presentation  

- arranging the contract between your company and supplier

- complete fulfillment: no language barriers between media and you.

our prices:

EUR 400,-- per advertising cooperation (from budget EUR 6.000,-- for Otto Retail Media at no cost)

EUR 270,-- per advertising cooperation in case of completion of 2 cooperations at the same time

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